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High Performance Batteries

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Modular battery systems designed for a wider range of applications:

More cost effective, more flexible

And faster to implement.

A modular battery system designed for small to large series: more cost effective, more flexible and faster to implement.

Would it be for a full electric or a fuel cell hybrid application, all vehicle and machine manufacturers have access to a simple and efficient solution for clean power.

Each vehicle type requires a minimum of engineering work depending on the needed performance and work environment. AOBO solution requires ONLY a few weeks of engineering for implementation. The R&D phase is thus considerably reduced.

AOBO batteries being modular, integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment.

Our power solutions are also used in the latest robotic and unmanned applications and offer outstanding energy density and power output over a wide range of conditions. This is made possible by the use of innovative designs, BMS and advanced cell chemistry.

  • Construction equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Special machines
  • Agricultural applications
  • Marine
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Energy storage system
  • Automotive market
  • Worksite mobile power station

Innovate to make integration of high-performance batteries possible in different applications.

Hybrid battery pack system

Energy Cell (LFP) + Power Cell (LTO / LpCO) Hybrid Battery Pack System;

A modular offer to reduce cost and time-to-market

Our battery systems are composed of a set of assembled standard bricks to offer you high performance solutions adapted to your constraints and to avoid specific developments.

Premium liquid cooling

Whatever your region or climate, from very cold to very hot (-20°C / +45°C), our temperature control technology ensures optimal performances in all conditions.


Committed to providing custom lithium power solutions for any application.

Li-On batteries represent the latest in innovative battery technology and due to their popularity in countless industries, they continue to be developed to meet the requirements of the modern user.

Part of this development has been the integration of SMART electronic systems which include Battery Management Systems (BMS), wireless connectivity and mobile monitoring to enhance the performance and longevity of the battery.

What is a SMART battery?

The term SMART refers to any Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology and describes technology or devices that can connect, share and interact with a level of automation. However, there is a key difference between automation and SMART and although many products are marketed as SMART they lack the distinguishing characteristic that it must have the functionality to engage with the user. In the case of batteries, the definition of a SMART battery varies depending on which organisation and manufactures you talk to. However, it is widely considered that a SMART battery should, at the very least, display the State of Charge and the State of Health to the user. Increasingly though, the modern-day user is demanding that their SMART batteries provide extensive information, identify any potential or existing issues and that it automatically protects the product from catastrophic failure.

How do our Lithium Batteries utilise SMART technology?

Our Lithium Batteries utilise a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device connected to its integrated BMS which monitors and displays the battery's status via a free mobile application available on Android or iOS. While the BMS manages and automatically protects the battery from unsafe voltage, current, temperature and short circuit issues, the wireless interface relays critical information and allows the battery to be conveniently monitored remotely. The critical information received from the device, which includes state of charge, discharge, capacity, temperature, voltage and BMS safety features, can be used to identify specific issues which ensure the user can take the most appropriate action. An especially useful tool if the battery is placed in a location where accessing or testing the battery is difficult or potentially unsafe for example under a trailer, in an engine room or behind a roof cavity.

Internal vs external technology

Currently, if a battery does not have integrated technology the only way possible to view and manage the battery's State of Charge and Health is by installing external equipment. Although great for managing complex systems this equipment can be costly for even the most basic of setups as it requires specialised calibration and fitting. However, batteries with internal technology are ready out-of-the-box as its BMS is specifically designed for the type of battery it is connected to, this is particularly cost-effective and time-efficient for basic and complex setups. Interestingly both internal and external technologies are compatible with each other, providing an opportunity to add functionality to an external BMS as they typically don't have mobile connectivity. Although there is one drawback to using a battery with mobile connectivity and that is it can only be connected in parallel with another battery. Nevertheless, the majority of batteries are ready in standard voltages so unless your project is unconventional there would be no need to worry.

Why you should use a SMART battery?

Batteries which have integrated its BMS and monitoring technology provide the user with a safer and longer-lasting product that is easy to install and maintain. Remember, purchasing a lithium battery is an investment and although the up-front cost for a modern battery maybe more, in the long term it is cheaper and more efficient to run as this technology is ultimately aimed at maximising the life of the battery and ease of use.

AOBO'S Exclusive Technology

With our technologies, we are truly pushing the industry forward. Our modular battery pack system is the answer to various operational challenges. It offers the ability to simplify complex processes, use battery cells with various capacities and outputs. With customizable modules in various dimensions for all use cases, our battery packs make electromobility future-fit and ready for mass adoption.

  • High energy density + high power
  • Doubled battery life by “operating protection mode”
  • More durable and safer
  • Lower cost with better performance
  • Simplified pcs with reliable control logic
  • Passive safety and best cooling
  • Efficiency High life and fast charge capability

Our system is composed of three elementary modules which can be freely Hybrid allowing multiple configurations.

AOBO'S goal is to offer a range of standard and modular products so as to make their integration into vehicles or equipment faster,
more efficient and more cost effective. Custom developments of specific auxiliaries can be studied upon request.

The lithium battery modules

We offer several types of battery modules, which can be split in 3 families: long life module/High energy module/High power module. Connecting these modules in series or parallel allows for batteries with a voltage ranging from 48V up to 1,000V.

Thermal regulation system

This « brick » controls and optimizes battery temperature in order to improve life, safety and performance. This system can be chosen in three different configurations. A base sub-system ensures homogeneous temperature in the battery system and can be completed by a heating sub-system or a heating/cooling sub-system depending on the climatic constraints to fulfill.

BMS and battery junction box

This « brick » is the central control unit of the battery which includes power connections communication and safety control. It also includes current management (current sensor, isolation check, contactors, fuse…). It is available in two configurations for low and high voltage applications.
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Aobo new energy is proudly based in Chengdu, Sichuan – a province that's famous for panda and steeped in history. Our products, our company, and our people are Battle Born.

To say it simply, Aobo is made up of everyday people who genuinely care about the work that they do. Our people are our company. We share the same passion for the outdoors and sustainable lifestyles as the customers we work with. We are passionate about doing our part to provide green, renewable energy storage for a brighter future.

Our company wouldn't be where it is today without its exemplary people. We're a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and talents who've all come together like pieces of a puzzle to advance a shared passion and produce products we can all be proud of.

Enhancing lithium battery pack performance, efficiency, productivity and reliability is what we've done for over 18 years. With experience alongside the major players in the world, our team of experts creates, designs and produces advanced technology solutions for a wide range of applications, such as transit mixer trucks and forklift. Our range of products are perfectly tailored to meet a broad variety of applications.

Now we're looking to the next wave of battery innovation and scaling up our production volumes to kickstart a net zero revolution – electrifying vehicles and transforming energy storage across homes and industry.


Our Mission


A sustainable, clean and thriving future for the planet requires a critical enabler — affordable batteries.

At Aobo, our mission is to accelerate the path to this future with a better battery manufacturing process and platform.

Supply Chain and Regulatory Management

Aobo also has a significant relationship will all of the regulatory agencies as well as the test labs both in the U.S. and in Europe to ensure that all of your designs stay within the regulatory requirements. This includes everything from the yearly recertification requirements to managing paperwork updates on component changes to ensuring that we exceed all of the air shipping requirements for lithium batteries. We take this responsibility very seriously as even one small mistake can mean that our authorization to ship lithium batteries can be suspended.

The Aobo Management Team

Our team is led by some of the battery industry's foremost inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs, and represents nearly 20 years of industry experience.

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